hexx allure

I am an explorer of many different artistic mediums. Unconventional outlets of creative expression have always fascinated me. I am incessantly experimenting with different methods and techniques, and my artistic process is always evolving.
I never begin a project with a concrete idea in mind, but more like a vague mood that I’m attempting to convey. My pieces tend to take on an emotional direction of their own and develop from there. My core ambition as an artist is to make people feel when they see my work. I want my paintings to evoke primal reactions and strong emotions in my viewers. I am captivated by anything authentic and shameless, which is why the street art movement has so powerfully influenced my work as an artist in the 21st century.
My most recent series is focused on dreams and visions, which I try to express through bold imagery and color. I believe there are hidden truths in the surreal workings of our subconscious minds, and I am attempting to unveil these mysteries, or at least express my interpretation of my own. Every piece on here is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing an original piece you can contact me at honeyhex@live.com. Also, all images on this blog belong to me. If you reblog, please give me credit. If you want to use anything for monitary purposes,  please contact me for licensing information.